Finding and Keeping Your Significant Other

A Formula for Discovering and Building a Lasting Love Relationship

Finding and Keeping Your Significant Other by Dr. Akpan is the most comprehensive love manual for the singles and married couples today. The book is based on biblical principles, and it discusses the most common problems facing those in relationship today. This book provides immediate help to singles, newlyweds, and struggling marriages.

Readers will learn:
•Great relationships are attainable only with God
•What to do before saying “I do”
•What it means to truly love a person
•How to love and become irresistible to the significant other
•How to affair-proof and divorce-proof your marriage
•The power of positive thoughts and communication
•The top needs of men and women
•Giving, the secret to happiness
•Ways to keep the romance alive
•How to stay out of financial trouble
•How to management in-law problems
•How to use conflicts as opportunities to grow and glorify God
•Proper ways to manage anger
•How to turn disappointments into blessings
•God’s design for the family
•What it means to be a leader in the home
•God’s view on marriage, divorce, and remarriage

United States and Canada

Europe and Australia